Bye Bye Jogging (Kelly)

Burnout was accompanied with baggy clothes, especially the jogging was my favorite. As you can read, “was”. I had no energy, No need to take care of myself and the way I looked. Why should I? I felt bad, I totally did not feel like even standing in front of the mirror. Only the fundamental things happened. Even washing myself or getting dressed was to much.

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Why would I waste even more energy to only hide myself behind a mask eventually?And why did I have to hide?I felt bad, I did not want to hide this. I could not hide this even if I wanted to.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to make the click since then and I’ve found the energy to pay attention to my appearance as this is ultimately a way of self-care. Because in the end, that’s how the burn out got there in the first place. I never took care of myself and only cared for others first.

I also did not bother to take care of myself. I had myself always care for others. I found this my duty.

While now I know, I also have to spend the necessary time on myself. And that you are obliged to yourself to put yourself in the picture every now and then. Occasionally buy yourself a nice outfit or a good perfume and makeup and make yourself shine!put yourself in the picture. Not at all to hide behind it if you feel bad, but because you are worthy of feeling satisfied with what you look like and just because you feel better inside when you look good from outside. (This is scientifically proven by the way! You can trick your brain with this!)

I also know that there are times when you have absolutely no  energy at all. Then you will undoubtedly get back into your familiar jogging. There is nothing wrong with this. In the end, nothing is as comfy as the old loyal jogging pants :).

But try to limit it! Get that pretty dress out of the closet one more time and blow the dust off! Let yourself shine once a while. I can assure you, it boosts your confidence.