DIY Fashion accessory – pins (Kelly)

I wanted to give my boring blue dress something extra. So I was looking for inspiration. I had some old pins from the children laying around that were not being used anymore. Okay then, that would do!

What do you need?

Colors that fit well with your garment and any glitters that you usually put on your nails.


  • Paint the pins with your chosen color of nail polish.
  • Leave this to dry. If necessary, apply a second layer if the original drawing of the pin still peeks through.
  • Next, apply the transparent nail polish.
  • If you want to apply glitter do it now that the transparent nail polish isn’t completely dry yet.
  • After drying up, add a second layer of transparent nail polish to add extra Reinforcement for the glitter.

TIP: Supercreative? Have fun and make a nice drawing on your pins with your nail polish.

And there, your trendy accessory is finished!