KIKO Milano – Some Make Up shopping (Kelly)

During my trip to “Bella Italia” I paid a visit to KIKO.

Even though I’m not an avid user of makeup, I was tempted to enter.

KIKO is an Italian budget chain of shops that exists 20 years this year. The first shop opened in Fiorruci and now after 20 years, they have more than 1000 stores in more than 20 countries. In Belgium, they have one in Brussels and Hasselt. The makeup brand is great in price quality and OMG all those different cool colors!

Since I’m a newby when it comes to makeup, I was only glad that a salesman came to me who explained me  some things in her best English language.

Because of her good advice I walked out the shop with some products.

And now…let’s test them!


nail polish pink 2,50 euros and green 4,95 euros





Bright lift eyes 16,70 euros
Bright lift serum 17,50 euros
lip volume 6,95 euros