Eating Healthy – A struggle…or not? (Evelien)

“I do eat rather healthy” I am typing while biting a big chunk from my côte D’Or bar. Admit it…there is nothing as equally good as just normal milk chocolate of the brand côte d’Or.

I am a huge candy fan!. And as if that is not enough, I also have the character of a toddler and I would like to eat everything now and preferably in large numbers. Very difficult that is! Especially If you have any intention to eat healthy.

People often give me the comment “Pfff, Why do you have to watch what you eat? You weigh like 50 kilo. and meanwhile they are turning there eyes. Well, my dear people, first and foremost, I really weigh more than 50 kilo, thank you very much! And secondly, I only weigh the weight that I weigh just because I’m watching what I eat. Watching your food is hard work! Certainly for a “all eater” like myself.

I had a nice conversation with my colleagues during lunch today. What defines “healthy eating”? And when are you eating unhealthy?

I think it’s quite clear. I can not say “no” to a particular kind of food. Besides, you’re not going to tell me that it’s healthy to do so. I am convinced that you need all nutrients to be healthy. However, I am also convinced that transgression is harmful and that some diets will not work for some but do miracles for others. For example, myself, I eat carbohydrates once a day, while Kelly really tries to reduce this to an absolute minimum. Her way works for her, but my way works for me. And where Kelly does not feel like she misses something, I did not feel that healthy during the period that I was totally “carb free”.I do admire Kelly very much! for her “carbfreenessness”. I have not been given so much character sadly.

Oh, food and diets … I can talk about it for hours. But that piece of chocolate isn’t eating itself…