New magazine discovered – “Happinez” (Kelly)

Happinez is a mindstyle magazine. A journal for people interested in experiencing a meaningful life in combination with a pure, stylish way of living. Subjects like wisdom, psychology and spirituality are frequently discussed. The magazine gives you an insight on themes like living and working, health, travel, nature, art and culture.

I discovered this magazine at the hairdresser. It’s a lot different from all the known gossip magazines you usually find. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good gossip story every once in awhile! But they don’t give me the depth and meaning I am searching for.

In this magazine I found an interesting tool. The Happiness challenge. It contains 100 tips you can use to become more happy.

It’s a challenge I am glad to accept in the next few weeks! Who knows…maybe it truly is life changing? Are you guys with me? Leave your experiences in a comment below! Having tips of your own? Please share!


100 tips om gelukkig van te worden