A word about this part of the blog (Evelien)

Why for heaven’s sake talk about such a heavy subject on an otherwise “happy and frivolous” blog? Let me explain.

Even if I wanted to, today the day I can not look past all those people in my environment with mental/ emotional health issues. I am pretty sure you guys can say the same.

Maybe you yourself are reading this right now and have to admit you also belong to this group of people.

There is nothing wrong whit that btw! Me myself had a severe depression in the past and it still is something I have to watch out for. In that period of my life I also wrote a blog.


A blog meant to write all misery down in an attempt to get it out of my head. When I finally started to get better I was ashamed of that blog for a while. What was I thinking writing down all my feelings for the whole world to read? But with the years gone by I came to the conclusion that there is nothing wrong with feeling bad, there is nothing wrong with showing your feelings to other people and above all, there is something seriously wrong with people who would judge that!

I know a lot of people in my environment who don’t feel well now a days.

That makes me fear for the fact that this kind of problems are more and more frequently occurring and we need to find a way to make the tights turn. What I also notice is that this still is a subject people avoid talking about. Mental problems are still taboo, and as long as people choose not to talk about it it will remain something unconquerable.

Kelly and I decided a while ago that we wanted to make this topic more current. We wanted a place where we could write about our sorrows but mostly, a place for other people to turn to. A place where you can find people having the same experience as you, a place where you don’t have to be alone with those harsh thoughts and a place where you can, if you want to, write about your own story and feelings. It is really important to know that you are not alone! You will notice that, from time to time, new posts will appear here about the subject. Together we will fight the battle!

For those of you not battling any mental issues yourself but having people in your nearby environment I would like to say;

You support does matter! Even if it seems like it never gets any better, like everything you say ends up in the “big nothingness”, like nothing seems to get through and the emotional distance only gets bigger… Your support and closeness are a help! Always keep in mind that you can only be strong to a certain level yourself! Get help in time and don’t be afraid to talk about problems with a third party. you can’t take care of someone else if you are on your last breath yourself. And Last but not least THANK YOU! You are tremendously important to those persons battling there fight.