Pimped omelet: Fresh chives, basil, union and cherry tomatoes for two (Kelly)

Omelets… just admit it, they always taste nice. And if you take the time to “pimp” them up a little before hitting the platter you can make them into something amazing.


An omelet is always a grateful dish to make. Ideal as breakfast, yummy as an extra when your having brunch an really quick to fix when preparing lunch.

Seriously, you should be making them already!


  • 4 eggs
  • milk
  • peper/salt
  • cherry tomatoes (handfull)
  • fresh chives
  • basil
  • 1 union
  • spoon of olive oil


  • Chop the union and bake them in some olive oil.
  • Break the eggs in a bowl and stir with some milk. Add some salt and peper. Also put them into the pan and bake.
  • I like to turn my omelet while baking. Because of it, it will bake everywhere and not stay slimy on top. Afraid your egg will fall to the ground the first time you try? Don’t worry, just use a plate to help you. Put it on top of the pan, turn it over and afterwards just flip the omelet back in the other side up. 😉
  • Lastly I add the chives, basil and cherry tomatoes.

Simple yet tasty!

Enjoy your meal!