Healthy water ice cream (Kelly)

I simply LOVE ice cream. I could eat ice cream all day. But moest ice creams are made of cream and cream contains a lot of fat. And fat as you know…makes you fat :). From time to time I do sin and I enjoy it very much.

Ice cream made of watery substances on the other hand are much lower in calories. There are very yummy ones you can buy in store, but I wanted to make my own. What you do yourself you mostly do better and you can keep track off the ingredients that go into your mouth. Because of it you don’t have to feel guilty afterwards.

You can make them with all different kinds of fruit. Mix and match!

I chose to make them with strawberry, blue berry and some mint leaves. That last one gives a fresh touch to them.

INGREDIENTS: (8 ice creams)

  • Ice caps
  • 150gr strawberry
  • handfull of blue berry
  • water
  • 5 leaves of mint


  • Mix the strawberry with the blue berry and the mint.
  • Add water, make sure the substance does not get too thick.
  • Put the mixture in the holders.
  • Lastly put them in the freezer for 4 hours, afterwards they are ready to eat.

Home made ice creams are yummy for big and small. Above all they are healthy ass well.

Dig in!