Skin Care – My evening routine (Evelien)

Ok… I admit it. I can honestly say that I have been blessed with a nice skin. As a young adolescent I barely got any acne or pimples and products like clearasil did not exist in my world. My skin has never been dry or greasy at all. And I know I have to be very grateful for that.

Because of the fact that my skin is naturally healthy I never payed to much attention for skin care. I washed my face with whatever soap was within reach distance and that was mainly it.

However, since I became 32 years old (Oh God why???) I’ve decided to take better care for my skin.

About 2 Years ago I started trying out products; Day Cream, Night cream, all sorts of serums and ointments. First and foremost because I want my skin to get a good treatment but also because most of those products just smell so good!!!

With this post I want you to get a glimpse of my evening routine. I hope you enjoy.


It doesn’t happen a lot, but from time to time I like it if my make up is somewhat more “heavy”.

When I do I want to make sure that I clean my skin good at night. I would always use some make up remover before I wash my face.

I use separate products for my eyes.

At this moment all the honors go to Estée Lauder (Gentle Eye Makeup Remover) and Clinique (Take the day of makeup remover). Both products are super soft for the sensitive skin under your eyes. The product of Estée Lauder smells really fresh and the one from Clinique really floral. So in the evening I just choose the one I most feel like :).

Also I have 2 more products for the rest of my face.

I announce: Softening cleansing milk from Garnier Essentials. This one has Rose extract in it and hey…you can  never go wrong with roses.

The second product I’m using these days is een organic product from NAOBAY and my God it smells so nice!! I sometimes caught myself standing in the bathroom just smelling the product like I’m weird.

Both products are for dry skin. It’s not like I need it for my skin but I guess that’s the benefit of my skin…I can almost use every product without it hurting me in any bad way.

Ahh, before I forget. The plastic jar you see in above picture is a product from “ONYX”. It is my dirty little secret actually. It is super cheap and it’s from the store called Action. I use it for those evenings where I really really don’t feel like properly washing my face. You know, those evenings where all you want to do is crawl in your seat. For the little amount of money I paid it actually is a good product. The only problem is it makes your skin really greasy. So I would not recommend it to people with greasy skin of there own.


I love different options when it comes to products. Because of that 2 different kinds of soap are filling up my bathroom cabinet for the moment.

The first one is actually a cleaning gel of the brand Louis Widmer. Louis Widmer has some great products but they are pretty expensive. Luckily my mommy dearest gave me this one as a present and i must say it made me pretty happy! The gel is very soft for the face and has a neutral smell to it.

The second product is a cleaning foam from Clinique. Het foam has a light floral scent to it. Very nice! At first when you put some in your hand it rather feels like an ointment but it becomes nice and foamy as soon as you mix it with water.


I’ve already tried my share of masks but momentarily the product below is the one I like to use the best.

I am talking about te “pure clay” mask from L’oréal. It has 3 pure clays in it and it also has charcoal.

There are also 2 other masks in this range of products so you can find more info if you click on the link below.

61 – Masque Argile

I usually use this once a week on a clean skin. It is easy to apply but it is kind of messy to do 🙂 (or maybe that’s because of the fact that i’m clumsy…who knows).

after I applied it I let it work for about 10 minutes. By that time the mask has dried out en it feels as if you can’t move your face anymore. My skin also starts to tingle/ itch a little.

By that time I take it off with warm water. My skin always feels really soft afterwards and it has a healthy glow to it too.  Just what I hoped for!

2 times a week I also do a gentle peeling of my facial skin. I do make sure never to do this on the same day I use a mask though! This because else my skin could go and get irritated and the last thing I want is an inflamed skin. 🙂


I do not have a lot of experience with peeling products I have to be honest. For the moment I am using a product of the brand Biocura. It is actually the house brand of the store called Aldi. Ok, I have to admit that Aldi isn’t exactly the first store that comes to mind when wanting to buy care products but hey…it does the job! You are always welcome to make a suggestion for any other product I should try in the future!

This product I am using is actually a jar of “peeling pads”. It is very easy to use and there are a lot of pads in it so you can go a long way with it! I normally use them before I wash my face because of the fact that it “loses” some of the grainy substance on your face and it’s better if you wash it of after. What I do recommend is you be careful  underneath your eyes because the skin is really delicate there.

Washed, peeled, …? Then the time has come to enrich your skin with…


On a regular base I am using a product of the brand Nivea: “Anti-age Night Cream”. I don’t know why but I’ve always been a big fan of Nivea. The products are in a nice price range and they just do what they have to. And that’s all I want actually…

But like I sad before I do like choices so I also have an other product from Clinique. It is called “super rescue antioxidant night moisturizer”. I do feel like it has a certain chemical smell to it but it does have the effect that when I get out of bed the next morning my skin feels super soft and healthy.

The days I used a mask or did a peeling I try to stay off the ointments because I always feel like the combination irritates my skin a little bit. For those evenings I use a Camille based oil and it never feels wrong or irritated. Also, the one I use is “Anti- Age” so that’s nice too!

For the skin underneath my eyes I like to use a different product. Momentarily I am using the “Aqua- complete eye-contouring cream” from Biocura. Instead of rubbing it in I like to tap it in. This is healthier for the skin under your eyes.

And last but not least…


Sigh, I can remember it as if it was yesterday.

I must of been 10 years old or so when girls made fun of me at school. All the girls of my class were convinced of the fact that I was using mascara. They didn’t think it was possible for me to have long and full eyelashes naturally. For days they accused me of using makeup and how that was so inappropriate for a ten year old.

Anyway… I didn’t even know what mascara was back then but I did know for sure that whatever it was it wasn’t something I used. But no matter what I sad the girls wouldn’t believe me and called me a lair.

It took years for me before I realized how lucky I was to have those full and long eyelashes. It took to long actually, because by the time I did realize I also learned what mascara was, and the excessive use of it destroyed my natural lashes completely. Sadly, what’s done is done so over the years that passed I have been searching like a mad man for something to repair them.

I am glad to say I do believe I finally found what is was looking for!

“FM Make Up Lash Specialist Serum”. Only after a few weeks I noticed a difference and I haven’t stopped using it since. You just apply it against the natural grow line of your lashes. It do tends to tingle a little but I like to think this is when the magic happens.

The product I am using is not for sale in stores but you can always take a look on the Facebook page from the person where I order:

I hope you guys had fun reading this?

I also would love to here your stories about the products you like to use so you can always let me know and I would LOVE to go try it myself!

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