Bye Bye Jogging (Kelly)

Burnout was accompanied with baggy clothes, especially the jogging was my favorite. As you can read, “was”. I had no energy, No need to take care of myself and the way I looked. Why should I? I felt bad, I totally did not feel like even standing in front of the mirror. Only the fundamental things happened. Even washing myself or getting dressed was to much.

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DIY Metallic Nail polish with left over make up (Evelien)

The Horror !!Okay, maybe it was a very cheap highlighter … it was the best I ever had. It was also just about my shortest love affair ever for almost 2 days after I bought him, he was already facing the ground with disastrous consequences.

Do I exaggerate? Maybe … but then so be it.

I once read online that you could paint your nails with makeup. And since my highlighter was already “broken”, I thought … why not.

Curious about the result?
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