Tonights routine – which products? (Evelien)

In a previous post I already realized that I get unpleasant jitters all over my body when I think about passing 30. (Skin care – my evening routine)

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not per sé that I am afraid to get wrinkels and all (although I would like to delay it as much as possible 🙂 ).I am mainly concerned with the fact that I’m afraid my life is over before I know it and I have not done anything, or that I’ll be left alone. As 80-year-old living in the retirement home and nobody to visit me. Those kind of things. So if I sit there as a 80 years old lady,I’ll better have  as few wrinkles as possible … maybe I’ll get a young 76 studd to spend in my last years with;).

Products that help me out tonight?

CLINIQUE rinse – off foaming cleanser mousse (€24.00 150ml)

  • For combined to dry skin.
  • Soft feeling, yet effective as a cleaner.
  • My skin feels very fresh afterwards.
  • Small minus? I’m not an amazing fan of the smell. He hangs somewhere between chemical and spicy.
  • For sale at a pharmacist or the more expensive drugstore.

KNEIPP 2- in-1 Mask & Peeling (€0.99 voor 2)

  • For this money I really can not leave these masks!
  • Feels nice and fresh if you put it on and does not pull on the skin.
  • My skin feels softer afterwards.
  • The fun is that they can really be available in different versions: aloe vera, jojoba oil, apricot and almond oil, depending on your current mood you can experiment with.
  • For sale at Action of Delhaize

BIO OIL (€6.99 voor 60 ml)

  • Bio Oil is not cheap but it is worth it!
  • I use it for my sometimes dry skin and use it before my nightcream as an extra moisturizer.
  • Also extremely suitable for reducing the visibility of scars, strains and pigment stains.
  • I’m also not crazy about the smell but it is certainly not annoying.
  • For sale at Kruidvat

NIVEA anti aging night  cream ( €10.84)

  • I’m a fan of many products, but NIVEA will always stay in my top 5, I think. NIVEA itself has very good products for the price they sell them for.
  • No disturbing, neutral smell
  • Absorbs quickly
  • For sale at Kruidvat, Delhaize, Colruyt, …

HAPPINEZ magazine (€8.75)