DIY Metallic Nail polish with left over make up (Evelien)

The Horror !!Okay, maybe it was a very cheap highlighter … it was the best I ever had. It was also just about my shortest love affair ever for almost 2 days after I bought him, he was already facing the ground with disastrous consequences.

Do I exaggerate? Maybe … but then so be it.

I once read online that you could paint your nails with makeup. And since my highlighter was already “broken”, I thought … why not.

Curious about the result?

I think it’s a success!

Note1: The finish could be better! Since I had been too lazy to make enough light for me to work in. (I only noticed when my nails were already wet and just admit it … with wet nails you are completely helpless!)

Note2: I was on it for only a few minutes when my boyfriend made it very clear he needed some well deserved attention so I tried to work as fast as I could…what also results in less perfect nails.

Note3: The middle nail is left white! you see nothing wrong;)

Note4: You can basically use all the powder makeup as long as there is a lot of shimmer in it. Otherwise it will not want to stay well.You can use: old eye shadow, blush, highlighter … Do not waste your make-up if it’s out of date! 

Note5: Here you will find a video about how to work exactly.


I think if you   take the time you can really achieve very fine results. You should definitely try it!

You can always send us a picture of the result! (I’m a very curious woman you know!)