That lazy person inside you is your best fake friend! (Evelien)

Aaaah … You know the feeling! You come home after that long day at work and actually you promised yourself and your girlfriend to go running together tonight. But then you lay yourself in your sofa for two minutes and everything seems so much better than … ieuw … sports. Yes, even the laundry that has been there for three weeks now seems to be more fun to handle than that extra kilo.

The next second you have your cell phone in your hands and you are texting your girlfriend with the first excuse that comes to mind  (Read: “My dog is suddenly in her period and she is so emo … I can not leave her alone in a time like this.”)

You jump into your comfy outfit (read lose the bra) and dive into that seat (Ha!…Did you really think I was going to do that laundry?)  Bag of chips in one hand and the remote in the other.

I feel blessed! Being so lazy. The lazy person in me feels like my best friend. A warm blanket , something nice to eat,…Everything feels just as it should! Why would I ever think about going for a run and feeling like dying after 2 minutes, all sweaty and heart racing……. I was such a fool!

And everything feels good. In the evening you crawl into bed and open your pinterest account (Only for 10 minutes! – Until you reach the conclusion three hours later that your alarm will go off within 4 hours.) And Yes…Then you see it. All kinds of pictures of handsome sporty girls with the perfect body and the feeling dawns.guilt! That perfect girl could have been me if I had put on my running shoes those million times before instead of my slippers.

And then you come to the conclusion… That lazy person inside you is not your best friend! That lazy person inside of you makes sure you don’t realize your dreams and let you trample on the spot. That lazy person inside of you with its fake promises of potatoes and ubersoft blankets, it seems like he means well but looks deceive! That lazy person inside you is your best Fake Friend!

Chop Chop! Put on those running shoes!

(Thanks to my top colleague Laura who helped me with the idea of writing this blog;))