DIY – Pimping Magnets and Pushpins (Evelien)

This afternoon I had some spare time, and in those rare moments I really enjoy releasing my creative mind. Depending on how much free space I have in my daily planning, I decide on the “grandeur” of my projects.

Today I only had a half hour but that was quite enough for this DIY.

At the shop Action, you often find the very best  craft supplies and this for very little money. Every time I visit, I’m going to snuggle between the store shelves looking for stuff that I’d ever use in a creative mood. A while ago, I bought stickers in all colors and shapes for 0.99 euro per sheet.

Today I wanted to do something fun with them.

For a while now, there have been hanging some super ugly magnets on my refrigerator. You know, the kind you buy for charity or get when you buy a jar of chocolate. Handy, yes! But they don’t make me smile so I decided to pimp them. In this case, the kind of magnets I have at home are those thin ones, almost as thin as a sheet of paper. You can of course also use any other magnet as long as it’s small enough to attach to the back of a sticker (Or if you can cut them small enough.)

I decided to make my magnets smaller so they would fit.

From then on, it’s just a matter of putting the magnets onto the stickers. It is actually very simple and quick to do.

That’s how they look like my fridge:

And since I had some time and stickers left after this  I finally decided to pimp those ugly pushpins on my bulletin board (This bulletin board I made two years ago).

Bulletin board