Bargain! – Bikini’s (Evelien)

Kelly and me were in Hema Yesterday.

Like Kruidvat, Hema also is that kind of store where I can wonder around for hours and where everything is equally interesting. Even clothing for babies! I couldn’t possibly know where I wood need baby clothing for but trust me…leave me standing in that department for  minutes and I swear I want to make a baby…just so I can dress it.

Oh..I also saw a pink bike lock! I son’t have a bike, not a usable one anyway…But that lock…waauw…I would have loved buying it! Just so I could tell everybody “Hey! Look at that bike lock of mine!”

Oh Hema…I can talk about it for hours.

What I enjoyed most yesterday was my actual buy. I bought 2 bikinis for…that’s right…10 euro! They were in discount  and it was some kind of mix and match concept. As you were able to read in one of my previous posts, I currently “totally dig” pineapple prints, ethnic prints, flamingos, palm trees, …

It is obvious to say both bikini’s fit really well in my current colorful mood!

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