Tested: The “slimming” institute (Kelly)

april 2016-sept 2016

2 Pregnancies I’ve had.  And afterwards a lot of taking care of the new baby. Because of that, there wasn’t much room left taking care of myself and my body. For a very long time I didn’t pat attention to how I looked and what I ate.  I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror, but I didn’t care enough to do something about either.

Until that one time where I, purely by chance, discovered that I weighed more than my partner. In that very moment I decided to quit my lifestyle and go for change.

After both of my pregnancies I gained 18 kilos and I didn’t seem to be able to get rid of them on my own.

So I decided to get some help. I knocked on the door from the “slimming institute” Figurel and there my journey began.

My first sessions were very confrontational because each time I was measured and weighed. It wasn’t nice at all being confronted with those numbers but after a few times it started being less hurtful. I myself and the other guests of the institute were all there for the same goal…Losing weight.

The exercises in combination with the ozone bath en the healthy food made my body change for the better. I lost most of my extra kilos and it gave me back my confidence. A woman of course is never fully satisfied and for my last kilos I took some extra sessions and this together with a Cryo treatment. The exercises are adapted to any physical problems you might have and also the “problem areas” you want to treat.


During a Treatment your fat cells are being frozen. Because of it the excess fat growth is being destroyed. Subsequently, the wastes released thereby are naturally drained by the body.

I do need to tell you it doesn’t come without pain. They use a device being rubbed over your skin covered in some kind of gel that is supposed to make it less uncomfortable.However, it remains painful.

Anyhow I gladly take the discomfort! The result is what counts and that result I came to notice after a few sessions already.

Do keep in mind that beauty comes with a cost. Literally in this case. A Cryo treatment is not cheap. Rates very from institute to institute but after some research I found out that most treatments vary from €25 to €75 per session (read per bodypart) and you will soon need around 5 sessions to have a noticeable result.

I find institute “Figurel” to be an amazing institute where you can go and have great professional help.

My results up to today?

june 2017

15 kilos lighter and 85 cm less!

This entire period made me realize that it is important to be self aware of what you eat and how much you move. I have much more self confidence now than in the past so I don’t hesitate to say I’m never going back to how it was before!