In touch with my feminine side – Products of the brand Kneipp (Kelly)

Personally, I can become very happy looking at beautiful and bright colors and also of nice smells.My bathroom cabinet is packed with products in all different kind of sizes, colors, bottles…

Every time I step into a store I catch myself being attracted too that area of the store where I can find products for body/hair care. I can never ever resist taking some of them in my hands and if possible, smelling them. My money almost never stays in my pocket during those moments and I get easily tempted. Often I don’t even need those products but hey…Whatever makes a girl happy…right?

Nowadays I more and more realize that you truly need to take care of your body, especially when you’re having a bad day. Taking care of yourself automatically makes you feel better mentally.

So…when I walked into “Het Kruidvat” today to just get that one product I soon noticed I have no willpower at all resisting those products. Victim of service? The products you find below, all from the brand Kneipp:

What I really liked about these products is the description on the bottles:

  • Morning kiss
  • Peace and Balance
  • Daydreaming

Especially the two last product names appealed to me. Now I am properly working on the “new me” I find those concepts really important too me.

Getting my life back in balance by creating peace in my head. And who doesn’t like to Daydream? About that new outfit you saw but really goes above your budget, or that handsome guy who helped you in store earlier that day…Or above all about those things in life you still would like to accomplish. Anyhow, I am doing all I can lately to accomplish my dreams. In my opinion I owe myself.


8,99 euro

Soft smell of orange buds and natural  caring jojoba oil offer exceptional skin care.






8,99 euro

Delicious bath foam that makes your skin soft and supple. It creates relaxation and makes all stress disappear.




5,49 euro

Sweet and herbs scented smell that brings body and mind to complete relaxation.

Sometimes spoiling yourself is a must do!

Taking care of yourself is necessary if you want to become a happy person.

I know what I am going to do this evening. A nice warm and relaxing bath while reading a good book!

“Close your eyes, breathe deeply and… RELAX”