Tropic Hair – don’t care…about my new addiction (Evelien)

I’m an addict…

…To anything that reminds me of tropical beaches, cocktails, beautiful views, bright colors, … In short, when it shouts “holiday vibe” , I shout back “Yes Please”.

During my lunch break at work I went to the local drugstore “Kruidvat”. For the people who know “kruidvat”…just admit it, it’s the kind of store where you can walk around for ages with a big smile on your face. A smile which gets only bigger when you walk out with a big bag of candy.

I needed some new stuff to maintain my hair neatly together (I swear something is eating my hairclips at night!) Normally I would not bother to post anything about my latest hairclip …but this time I got overwhelmed with the colorful cute stuff they had and I decided to share. The stuff I bought have a real nice holiday vibe to them, and although I have to admit they are (very) wrong in a certain way…I love being wrong! 🙂

#kruidvat #tropichair #hairaccessories

Silver pineapple clips – €3.99
Ethnically inspired clip- €3.99
Pineapples and flamingos everywhere! – €3.99/p